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Several years ago (1998) while “frustrated” at my then current position, I found myself realizing a very disturbing fact. I had been in an environmental career for over a decade at that time, during which – in all the staff and management meetings – I had heard the “leaders” ask the age old consulting questions at least 3 times each week:

  • How billable were we last week/month/quarter?
  • How chargeable were we last week/month/quarter?
  • How much money are we making?

Never did I hear: “How many of our Clients’ problems did we solve last week/month/year?”

I realized that was a major problem. So what was my response?

We founded TERRY Environmental Services to focus on serving our Clients and solving their problems… not on making money. Sure, we have to make money to “pay the bills” but that should (and does) come as a result of serving properly and solving problems.

Whether the issues involve regulatory permitting, geologic consulting, groundwater modeling, underground storage tank management, indoor air quality, assessment and remediation of contaminated property, or any other environmental-related issue – no matter if you are a large governmental entity or a small private business – we will move quickly to evaluate the issues and prepare a cost effective and efficient solution, one that’s in your best interests.

So it’s not a coincidence that our company’s core guiding principle is:

…to provide our Clients with the highest quality environmental services available, to actually understand our Clients’ objectives, and to make their objectives our own.

This guiding principle provides a corporate landscape that very few other environmental firms can offer. It revolves around the Client, instead of shareholder objectives or profit margins. We feel that profits will naturally follow as a result of excellent work. We sum that principle up in our very own trademark of

Clients First… Always™

To date, we have served hundreds of Clients with their environmental issues, and have saved our Clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over traditional consulting methods and strategies. Contact us when you are ready for a new approach to solving your environmental concerns.

Jason A. Terry, PG