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Often, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments uncover environmental issues that must be more fully investigated before a determination can be made regarding the environmental well-being of a property. In most cases, these situations present themselves at the beginning of the project, as opposed to the end of the project. These situations sometimes require the project to move into Phase IIwhere soil and/or groundwater samples are often collected. 

Terry Environmental Phase 2 Environmental AssessmentsBy focusing on our core mission of placing our Clients’ interests above our own, we immediately contact the client in the event that a Phase II investigation is needed. In this way we don’t waste our Clients’ time and money preparing a Phase I ESA report that recommends proceeding to a Phase II. Instead, we proceed with the Phase II at the Client’s direction, and prepare one report that solves the problem. This one little effort can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in duplicated effort, not to mention TIME, often the most valuable commodity in a real estate transaction. 

In other situations, a real estate transaction is not the issue. Instead the investigation is needed due to some regulatory requirement. In these situations, as in all of our projects, we determine the GOAL before we determine the exact course of action. This allows us to focus on exactly what will resolve the situation – no more, no less. In addition, we meet with the Regulatory Officials at the beginning of a project to get their commitment on exactly what it will take to resolve the situation AND we make sure they are not asking for resolutions above-and-beyond the requirements of the regulations.